Posted 4 months ago

Wine tasting with @malachiguyer

Posted 5 months ago

Celebrating the anniversary with presents.

Posted 5 months ago

The Queso-ritto ladies and gentleman. #chipotle

Posted 6 months ago

Two of my favorite things. (at Asian Cafe)

Posted 7 months ago

The transformation is complete

Posted 7 months ago

Make that money

Posted 7 months ago

Rocking the new #sriracha shirt

Posted 7 months ago

Drinking a Christians Blood, a new invention of Jeff from Cinco de Mayo: vodka, pomegranate liqueur, razz ma tazz, topped with sprite.

Posted 9 months ago

#shownight at Devonshire Arms! (at Devonshire Arms Café & Pub)

Posted 10 months ago

New look thank to @sagittarius